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The best Champagne that is offered to the world comes from the region of Champagne, France which produces liquid gold that is most elegantly enjoyed in a sparkling crystal Champagne glass. (Find out what the perfect champagne glass is.)

It deliciously entices you to drink as the champagne bubbles kiss your nose when you press your lips to the glass and take that first heavenly sip.

Just a note: Laws now state that you have to be of drinking age to enter some of these sites so they will ask for your birthday and country of origin before letting you in.

Le Champagne 
This is the official website for wines from Champagne. No wines are allowed to be called Champagne anymore. The only way they can is if they have been produced in Champagne, France which is how they originally got their name.

This website shows you all the wines produced in this region and their history as well as how to pick a great wine and what dishes to serve it with.



Champagne Articles

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On the 6 of February 1829 the Maison Bollinger was founded which has remained in family hands for five generations and is one of the best Champagne Houses around.

In 1992 they developed a Charter of Ethics and Quality which outlines the major principles of the house which shows you the high standards they have and how truly great this company is.

Perrier Jouët
A legendary Champagne by the legendary Champagne House of Perrier Jouët. It was started in 1811 when Pierre-Nicolas-Marie Perrier married Ad le Jouët. They set up shop in the town of Épernay. Since that day they have produced wines that have long been adored by the rich and famous from centuries past to the present.

The most famous Champagne is the Belle Epoque Cuvée which comes in a gorgeous Art Nouveau bottle that is decorated with white anemones and enamelled roses circled with gold  which was designed by the highly respected glassmaker Emile Gallé in 1902.


Dom Perignon
Dom Perignon is the most prestigious cuvee produced by Moet & Chandon who gave the Champagne its name in the late 1920’s after the 17th century monk who is credited with inventing champagne. The cork and wire cage that Champagne is bottled with was invented by Dom Perignon.


Est. in 1843 Krug’s Clos du Mesnil 1995, is listed in Forbes 2005 list of the most expensive champagnes at US$750 a bottle. It’s extremely rare as only 12,624 bottles were produced in the 1995 vintage.

You can also buy a limited edition trunk which comes with 3 bottles of Krug, mother of pearl spoons and Krug engraved flutes for a mere US$45,000. Only 30 made! More than just champagne, Krug is a lifestyle.


This is a company with a long history that has been dedicated to perfection with the best champagne since 1760. They have associated themselves with some of the world’s most prestigious clubs such as Arsenal and Manchester United.

The world’s first French six star chef Alain Ducasse recommends Lanson in his restaurants and fashion designer Paco Rabbane was associated with a limited edition champagne bottle.  Pictured left is the declicious Noble Cuvée Brut Vintage from 1998.

Louis Roederer Cristal
The golden bottle glows due to the liquid gold honey inside which entices you to consume it.

The company was founded in 1776 but Cristal itself was created in 1876 for the exclusive use of the Russian Tzars. It is produced in limited quantities and only in exceptional years.

At a Sotheby’s auction in New York in Dec 2005 a bottle of Cristal Brut 1990, Millenium 2000, Methuselah (6 Litres) sold for $17,625.


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