Best Luxury Sporty Cars


                            Bugatti Veyron                                             Chevrolet Corvette Z06


The best luxury sporty cars is what you will find in the Beckham’s garages. That is why they turned to BMW recently. Due to a kidnap scare for Victoria and David Beckham they had two security cars custom made by BMW that are fully armoured with bulletproof windows at a cost of US$625,000. Drew Barrymore owns a BMW 745i at US$70,000; Kirstin Dunst has a BMW K6 at US$41,700 and Jennifer Garner owns a BMW 540i at US$52,000.


The Bentley has been a favourite amongst rap stars and hip hoppers who only drive the best luxury sporty cars on the market. One you will find in many garages is the Bentley Continental with fans such as P.Diddy and Missy Elliott.

Other owners of these luxury sports cars are Paris Hilton, Justin Timberlake and Oprah with a US$400,000 Bentley Azure. The Beckhams also have a custom made Bentley with names of all the family members embroidered on the seats throughout the car.

The Bugatti Veyron supercar is the most expensive and exclusive ride on the road. Of this luxury sports car only 50 were made in 2005 and all were sold. Price tag US$1.2 million. Two of the buyers were David Beckham and Jay Leno.


How can you go past the Corvette ZO6. A friend who owns a C6 Vette says that they are one of the best luxury sporty cars that retain their value. So if you need a new car to add to your collection you should take some advice from a Vette lover and owner and get this car.


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