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Hi all

I have been getting a lot of emails asking me where I have been. Well I have been working on my music! I am a hip hop artist. Music is and has always been my first love so I have been passionately pursuing it. Hope you enjoy.

Below is my lyric video and a link to purchase the song on iTunes.

Buy Old School Days on Itunes now!


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Purchasing a boat is a tremendously exciting experience, but unless you happen to be a wealthy billionaire who own his marina, you’re going to need to find somewhere to store it. Unlike a car, which you can park anywhere, you need a specific dock or slip to store your boat.

That means you’re going to need to rent or buy a slip at a marina.

And unlike parking spaces, which can accommodate just about any car, your boat will require a slip suited to it.

So what do you need to consider when buying or renting a slip? Here are 14 factors to consider…

What Are The Slip Rates?

Obviously, you don’t want to purchase or rent a slip that exceeds your budget. Moorings are usually cheaper than slips, but your boat will also be at risk from weather and other vessels. Yacht clubs offer special privileges and amenities, but also tend to be quite pricey. Public docks are usually inexpensive but don’t typically provide tight security, and some are even open to the public. You’ll find the most options with private marinas, but also the most variation, so you’ll need to do further research.

How Strong Is The Security?

Security for your boat, yourself, and your guests should always be a significant concern. Unlocked facilities, parking lots that are not well lit, and dangerous neighborhoods should be avoided if possible. Yes, they may offer great discounts on rates, but it’s not worth it if your boat is damaged or someone is hurt.

Is There Significant Water Traffic and Congestion?

You should evaluate the amount of water traffic and congestion for several reasons. First, high traffic areas can be dangerous, with a real risk of collision. Second, power boaters are known to trail in the wakes of other boats, even if conditions are not ideal. Finally, heavy water congestion increases the amount of time it takes to depart from the marina.

How Knowledgeable and Helpful Are The Marina Operators?

The staff at the marina should:

– Be knowledgeable

– Practice safety

– Enforce cleanliness

– Instill confidence

– Consider the needs of the boaters first

– Provide security

If you settle for less than this, your boating experience may be less than ideal, to say the least.

How Accessible Is The Marina?

Ideally, the marina should be relatively accessible from your home. If getting to the marina requires hours of driving or sitting in dense traffic, you’ll use your boat far less. You may not be able to find a marina close to your home, but it shouldn’t be a prohibitive distance either.

Does The Dock Have Necessary Amenities?

There are certain amenities a dock must have. You always need both electrical hook-up to charge your batteries, as well as clean water to fill your tanks and wash your boat. There may be other things you want to consider as well, such as:

– Dock carts

– Waterproof dock boxes

– Private lockers

– Dinghy docks

– Trash and Recycling Receptacles

– Private showers

– Laundry facilities

Dock ssteps
Of particular note is the importance of waterproof dock boxes for storing cleaning supplies, tools, extra gear, extra jerry cans, life preservers, and a host of other items. Most people only think about securing a place to tie up without realizing the value of having a place to store things. Once you have this storage, you’ll never want to go back.

The slip price will certainly vary depending on the amenities available. It’s just a matter of what you want versus how much you’re willing to pay.

Is There Shopping Nearby?

This may not be a concern if you only want to boat, but some individuals also want access to shopping. A quick internet search should reveal nearby shopping areas. You’ll also want to consider the adverse effects of nearby shopping areas. Some restaurants and nightclubs are open late, meaning you may hear noise and music well into the night.

Do You Want A Wet Dock Or Dry Dock?

Wet docks are more expensive than dry docks because they offer more convenience. When you want to use your boat, you only need to go to the dock and climb aboard. Dry docks are also less convenient because you must inform the dock rental company in advance that you want to use your boat. This decision will come down to your budget.

Can You Dock Easily?

A vital to answer is whether you can easily dock your boat. If it’s difficult to dock and depart, it’s going to significantly decrease the enjoyment of your boat. Additionally, it should be simple to hook up to power and water.

Consider these words from Kent’s Harbor:
“Generally, the longer the length of the boat slip, the more open water maneuvering space one has available to line up and drive the boat into the slip space. For example, the next dock behind your dock will be further away, allowing more room for you to steer as you get used to docking your boat.”

How Strong Are The Wind and Current?

If you will be approaching the dock in relatively calm waters with little or no wind, you will want to dock on the approach side so that you slowly bump up against the dock instead of being pulled away from it. If you’ll be docking in a prevailing wind, you’re going to want the help of the current bringing you to the dock, rather than away from it. When purchasing or renting a slip, take a few moments to study the direction of the prevailing winds as well as the strength and direction of the current.

How Deep Is The Water?

Unfortunately, water levels in many lakes are falling, meaning that there may not be enough water for your keel and draft. If you need to dock stern first, you’ll need to ensure there is enough water at the inside end of the slip for your propellers to clear. You can test the depth of the water with a long pole. When testing, also look out for boulders or any other obstructions that could damage your boat.

How Long Is The Finger Dock?

The finger dock, which extends from the primary pier, must be long enough so that you and your guests can easily step out of your boat. If the finger dock isn’t long enough, you’ll need to back into the slip, which may not work for you depending on which side you want to tie up on.

How High Is The Dock?

The height of the dock is going to determine the ease with which you and your guests can step onto and off your boat. If a dock is high and fixed, you may find it simpler to get on and off from the side deck or the cockpit cockpit side. Depending on the height, you may need to add a ladder or stool to simplify getting into and out of your boat.

Is There Room For A Dinghy/Personal Water Craft?

If you also have a dinghy or personal watercraft, you’ll need to ensure that there is space beside your boat for it. If there isn’t room, you’ll either need to make other arrangements or find another slip. Don’t find this out after you’ve rented or purchased your slip!


The right dock for you will be based on a variety of factors, including price, convenience, amenities, size of your boat, and others. Take the appropriate time to make this decision because it will significantly affect the quality of your boating experience. If possible, ask others about their experiences and spend some time simply watching the activity near the dock. The more time you spend evaluating, the less regret you’ll have later.

Written by John Hawthorne

Thirty Nine Forever

October 12th
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Caroline - ForeverThirtyNine

Today we have a guest post from Caroline of ThirtyNineForever.

Thirty Nine Forever was created after many hours spent watching and slightly obsessing over bloggers and youtubers channels.

As a just turned forty year old woman I came to the realisation that I have learned a lot over the years about fashion, style and healthy living, and could share my journey with others.

After getting my fashion diploma and working for many years in the industry I decided to change careers and work in healthcare and took up studies again.

Now as a working mum of two I try my best to stay young and healthy and most importantly always stylish. I love great lifestyle photographs and often bombard my Instagram friends with my pics so obviously my creative side never left me, thus my blog was born.

Caroline xx

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Freshpair Static Banner Blue Font

Freshpair is the largest retailer of men’s underwear on the web carrying thousands of styles and hundreds of different brands, with everything from the cutting edge to classic basics.  They also offer Free Shipping on all U.S. orders!

Some of their most popular brands include 2(x)ist, DKNY, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein with C-IN2 being one of their most popular collections from one of their most popular men’s brands.

Shop now and enjoy everyday savings of up to 20% off only at

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The winner of Tropfest NY 2008 (the short film festival) was a film made on a mobile phone called “Mankind Is No Island” by Jason van Genderen.

It is an incredibly powerful and moving film that runs for 3.30 min.

A friend shared it with me and I can’t help but share it with you.

Make sure you have the sound on and you will need some tissues….

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Don’t forget to keep supporting The Fifteen Foundation Jamie Oliver set up to support disadvantaged youth in Melbourne.

They need your support more than ever since the fire that gutted their building. Trainees and staff were devastated by the loss of their office, which was also a safe house for the Trainees.

Fifteen was an idea Jamie Oliver came up with in London in 2002 when he realised he could use his skills to offer young people with tough backgrounds an opportunity to train and be employed in a supportive environment.

To donate go to their Donation page or their Fire Fund page. (Scroll halfway down to make an easy donation!)

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Personal butler? Check. Spa and yoga services? Check. Fine dining and absolute privacy? Check.

The new luxe couples’ residence SUNGAI GOLD is the ultimate in sophisticated villa living in Bali… complete with signature pool, dining and leisure pavilions and spa/breakfast bales…your own manager, chauffeur, dining/bar and spa staff.

And if you love finding a bathrobe in your room there is an embarrassment of riches: myriad Bvlgari bathroom products, sandals, spa gowns in the finest cotton, sarongs, Bose sound, even loaded iPods … it is no wonder that this beautiful couples’ hideaway is attracting so much interest.

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Looking for someone special? Or maybe you are just looking for someone to have some fun with.

In today’s economic times why note opt for the latter and find a gorgeous girl or guy to enjoy some fantastic times with.

Fly here, sail there, chopper it to the coast, ski the slopes, ride those waves and come home and enjoy the night sky with all the beautiful stars shining just for the two of you.

Check out Sugardaddie and make your dreams come true.

Dating for the Rich and Beautiful: Join

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Do you need a holiday? Want to take a break far away from the madding crowd?

How about surfing in the Maldives?

The surf season in the Maldives is March to October. The peak swells are in June, July and August but there is better weather in April, May, September and October.

Surfing in the Maldives is not for beginners as even gentle surf breaks on coral reefs.

There are surf charters that you can take. There are also many other water sports available depending on which luxury resort you stay at.

Contact Yes Asia Maldives for more details. Surf’s Up!

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There are currently one thousand billionaires and nine million millionaires in the world today.

Russians have a substantial chunk of this as they have gained incredible wealth from oil, aluminium, gas and real estate.

There are now 52 Russian billionaires worth over $301 billion.

There are also 103, 000 millionaires that are estimated to be worth over $716 billion.

With this sort of money Russians have been buying up big and spending big.

The place to be is Russian with many luxury labels opening shop there.

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