Customise your laptop in 24K Gold.

March 24th
Gold Computer

Want to customise your Apple Laptop to stand out from the crowd? Then you have come to the right place. Alex Wiley from Computer Choppers will have your laptop getting more attention than George Clooney at a movie premiere!

So what shall we dress it in. How about 24K Yellow Gold. Too flashy. I would prefer 24K White Gold. Maybe you would like black nickel. Not to your liking. How about chrome, maybe platinum!

Whatever your hearts desire Alex can make it happen. Price depends on the finish you want but they usually start from $US$1500 ($A1618).

It doesn’t have to be your laptop either. You can choose to outfit your Macbook Air, iPods, iPhones and iMacs.

When you get your item of choice customised shoot a photo across to me and I will put it up on this blog. Show me your style!

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