Diamond encrsuted glasses worth half a million dollars

June 23rd
diamond encrusted glasses

A MELBOURNE businessman will soon be sipping champagne from diamond-encrusted glasses worth almost half a million dollars.

An Australian jeweller yesterday unveiled what he says are the world’s most expensive champagne glasses, valued at $400,000 and adorned with 1700 white and pink diamonds.

Designer John Calleija said five jewellers spent more than three months finishing the two glasses, which were chiselled from 8kg blocks of crystal after being commissioned by a Melbourne man.

Each glass stands 15cm tall, weighs 250g, and together are encrusted with 15 carats of white diamonds and six carats of rare argyle pink diamonds.

Mr Calleija said the Melbourne buyer planned to turn them into cherished family heirlooms.

“They’re just spectacular,” he said

(Article from Herald/Sun)

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