Jump airport queues like the rich and famous

April 6th

Don’t you just hate waiting in queues at the airport after getting off a long flight. It really is the last thing you want to do.

There are two private firms who will help you get red carpet treatment at the airport to make travelling smooth as silk.You will not find a mention of any of these services anywhere. They are only available to those in the know and this now includes you.

The firms are called Airport Assistance Worldwide and LJR & Associates. These two firms offer the same assistance you would get if you were rich and famous. Both of them are based in Los Angeles and serve many airports.

You will get ushered into private waiting rooms. At some airports you will get ferried around in motorised privacy carts. You can order specials meals and sometimes you may even be allowed to have your private chef cook in the airplane galleys.

Some carriers will have employees stand in for you in long queues at immigration and border security check points. So start travelling like a star and the leave the queues to cattle class. Now you are in the know.

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