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September 9th
World Champion Box

Why should you have to wait for a special occasion to buy chocolate when the best is available all year round.

Chocolate is not seasonal.

You can eat it whenever you want.

You don’t need to buy it to give as a gift so how about treating yourself to the best?

zChocolat.com has the very best chocolate available.

As you can see it has been voted by Forbes as it’s favourite and the chocolate has been handmade by world champion French chocolatiers using 400 year old traditions.

Choose from Mystique – a Vanilla Bourbon caramel, G-PĂȘche de Vigne which is a mix of ripe peaches with rich, fine ganache, all engulfed in luxuriant dark chocolate or Minerai Lorrain chocolate, whose recipe is so unique it has been copyrighted.

Great News: They ship to Australia! They deliver to Australia Monday through Friday by DHL Express in 3 business days. So indulge yourself now! You don’t even have to wait that long to get your selection!

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