Bottle Champagne

Moët & Chandon
Company archives show 1743 as the first date of shipment of this wine to Paris by Jean Remy Moet. Early illustrious devotees of this champagne bottle were Napoleon & Josephine .

The rich, famous and infamous continue to enjoy this champagne to this day.

According to statistics from the company, a bottle of Moët & Chandon is opened around the world every second of every hour which makes that around 525,600 bottles opened every year!


G.H. Mumm
1827 was the year the three Mumm Brothers of a rich German family of wine merchants started making champagne.

In 1853 a descendent of the family, Georges Hermann Mumm took over the company and the champagne became G.H. Mumm which retains its name to this day. It is now the official champagne for Formula 1 and many other prestigious sporting events.



Pol Roger
Considered a “gentleman’s drink” Pol Roger made his first wine sale in 1849.Winston Churchil was a family friend who loved this champagne and it is also a favourite of the British Royal Family.

This is a drink of great distinction which was also the only champagne bottle served on Concorde.


In 1734 Jacques Fourneaux who was a merchant of champagne, established the company that would one day become Taittinger.

In 1932 Pierre Taittinger was successful in acquiring the grand residence of Château de la Marquetteriewhere the vineyards were that made the wonderful champagne and which were once run by Friar Oudart who was one of the founding fathers of champagne. Today they export to over 120 countries.

The champagne is also the choice of drink for James Bond along with his martinis that are shaken not stirred.One of the earlier Bond films this champagne bottle appeared in was ‘From Russia, with Love’ with Sean Connery as James Bond and the infamous film ‘Indecent Proposal’ with Demi Moore and Robert Redford.


Veuve Cliquot
Philippe Cliquot registered the company name of Cliquot on the 3rd of January 1772.His wife took an interest in the company and when Philippe prematurely died she took over and transformed it into a world class house earning the respect of her peers and became known as Grande Dame de la Champagne.Her house has survived to this day with prestige and class.

This was also the champagne bottle of choice at Athina Onassis wedding when she wed 29-year-old Brazilian show jumper Alvaro ‘Doda’ Alfonso de Miranda. (Veuve means widow in French.)


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