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Business Week
This is a magazine for business people about business people and includes all the top stories in the business world that you need to know now from news, reviews and latest trends with profiles done on successful business people.


CNN was not always the Goliath it is today. It started as David, the small underdog who was always a day late and a day short on everything. But Ted Turner persevered with his little Cable News Network, forged relationships with all the right people and his little news network became the giant news network it is today. It goes to show you what a little perseverance and faith can do.


CNN Money
This is the internet home of Fortune, Money, Business 2.0 and Fortune Small Business. Get all the latest business news and stock market news as well.

The Economist
The authority on all things to do with business, finance, economics, international politics, science and technology; this is the serious persons news publication.


This is a renowned business publication with information about business news, technology, markets, entrepreneurs, personal finance and lifestyle. This magazine is most famous for its list of the richest people on earth, the Forbes Rich List.


This magazine was first published in 1930 making it the countries longest running business news magazine. Henry Luce was the founder who was also the co-founder of Time magazine.

Four months after the first issue of this publication came the disastrous Wall Street Crash of 1929 which then saw the Great Depression. This depression did not deter Luce as he kept going with the magazine to where we see it today as a highly respected business magazine that is famous for its Fortune 500 list.

You can also find information on various companies, investing, company trends, finance and technology.


Los Angeles Times
The LA Times newspaper is a very popular paper with over 800,000 readers per day. It has won an amazing 37 Pulitzer Prizes with five prizes won in one year, 2004.

Their building was bombed in 1910 due to their disagreements with the unions but this never stopped them voicing their opinion and rightly so.

They moved premises after the bombing to the Times Building which has since become a Los Angeles landmark.

A weekly magazine which was founded in 1933 that has stories on the latest news, current affairs and events. It is a very popular magazine one of the biggest in the US, in fact the second largest in the country.


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