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World Wide Volunteering
This is an organisation that has an amazing database of over 1200 volunteer organisations in over 200 countries. There is a selection of over 350,000 different jobs you can do to help other organisations who are in need. You can also add your charity organisation if you need help. Or you can give money if you would like to fund a charity in need.


European Volunteer Opportunities
The European Volunteer Centre (CEV) is a European umbrella association of 40 national and regional volunteer centres across Europe, that together work to support and promote voluntary activity. They have direct links on their site to volunteering organisations in many European countries and internationally that you can get involved with.


United Nations Volunteers
On this page of their site you will find a list of the main organisations that work with the United Nations and the European Union that help support activities of volunteers.


This is the UK’s largest volunteering and training organisation. They have partners in 15 countries around the world. Every year they have around 400 people from around the world go to the UK to volunteer on a full time basis, between 4 – 12 months. Listed on their website is the contact information for all their partners. You might find one close to home.


Charity Choice
Charity Choice provides links to thousands of charities and non-profit organisations in the UK. You can access their database which is updated daily. You can also donate online by contacting the charity directly or by advertising for free within Goodwill Gallery which allows you to give goods or your time to a charity of your choice.


GuideStar UK
GuideStar UK is an independent charity that was set up for people to easily access detailed information about every charity and voluntary organisation in the UK. Their aim is to become the first place that anyone wanting information on a charity will look.

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