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Home James
This is a hilarious but deadly serious service. Currently it is only available in the US. It is a chauffeur service where all the chauffeurs are called James and speak with an English accent.

If you have had too much to drink and cannot drive yourself home, you just call the service and they send out James who comes elegantly dressed on his Italian scooter which he then neatly folds up into an elegant black bag, puts it into the trunk of your car and drives you home safely.

Once his job is done he promptly unpacks his Italian scooter and rides away into the sunset. Discretion is paramount which is why this service has become a huge hit in Hollywood as you can imagine.

Millionaires Concierge
Featured on Oprah and started by businessman Doug Turner in 1996 because he found there was a demand for his knowledge and expertise in developing custom itineraries for clients traveling in and around the Unites States.

His goal is excellence in luxury travel and exotic recreation. Custom itineraries can include fighter jet experience, yacht and helicopter charters to tickets to rock concerts and talk shows.

VIP Getaways
VIP Getaways can help you arrange once in a lifetime experiences. Their aim is to make your dreams become a reality. They can get you into A-List clubs, exclusive events, fabulous parties; they can arrange romantic getaways and luxury transportation, anything you want to feel like a star. These guys can do it all.

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