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           Dive the Titanic                                               See the Monaco Grand Prix

Bluefish Concierge
On their website Bluefish describe themselves as “your genie in a bottle…where your wishes are endless”. Quite a comment to make but they live up to it every time. Want to dive the Titanic? They can organize it.

Pamela Anderson wanted to shop in Miami but she was in L.A. Not a problem. They flew her in on a private jet, drove her around town in a bulletproof car and put her up in the ultra chic Shore Club hotel in her favourite room.

The cost for this one day shopping spree in Miami you ask? US$25,000.


Head Concierge
Based in London with clients such as Westlife and Boris Becker you know you will be in good hands.

They offer you concierge services in your personal life. Any day to day jobs you can’t do they will do for you from getting domestic help to booking hotels, restaurants, theatre tickets and any leisure activities.

Though they are in London they will help you worldwide and with staff who used to work as concierge in five start hotels you know that anything you need done will get done.


Incredible Adventures
Think about what your wildest dream is and this company can quite possibly make it come true. Do you want to fly into outer space? They will provide the training. Have you got $25 million? This company can make it happen.

Do you want to swim with sharks? Want to fly an air combat mission over Sydney or fly the legendary MIG-29 over Moscow?

How about driving in a rally in New Zealand or go Corvette Racing in Georgia? Search the website to see if one of your dreams is on their list and get them to make it come true. Looking forward to seeing the photos!


This is the be all and end all, of all concierge services. Quintessentially is a global private members’ club and luxury concierge service. Their job is to provide you access to the inaccessible and to get you anything you want, whenever you want it, wherever you are in the world.

They will personally contact you and become your complete lifestyle manager. When Madonna was in London and craved a tea she loved but only available in America, no problem, within 24 hours they found her tea and flew it in for her. It is a phenomenal service and one of the greatest in the world.

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