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Japan Airlines
Japan Airlines are now installing their new Skysleeper Solo which is a seat that is designed to contour the body and cradle it for the utmost in comfort so you can experience flights in a more pleasurable way.

The seats are made of high quality leather made by Poltrona Frau of Italy which is one of the best leather sofa manufacturers in the world.

There is a side light panel next to your seat which emits a soft glow that is a calming light during your flight as well as a built in seat massager for your back.

MAGIC is their in-flight entertainment system which includes movies, games and even rakugo, the traditional Japanese comic monologues. Your table is curved and there is also a side table, orange in colour to create warmth. Only the Japanese could think of this.

A luxury hotel restaurant could not beat the meal experience you get here. Choose between Japanese or Western cuisine. The fine Western meals are prepared by the Association des Disciples d’ Auguste Escoffier du Japon. Fumiko Arisaka is Japan’s foremost writer on wines and has helped JAL select the finest wines for their passengers.

There are also wonderful cosmetic gift bags and even a green bamboo stick for your feet. Make sure to ask for the honeycomb mask. They even have relaxing clothing to make your flight that much more special.


Gulf Air
A chauffeur driven BMW 7 series limousine will pick you up to start your journey and drop you off at the VIP check-in at the airport.

The First Class cabin seats 8 guests meaning less noise and bother from strangers and more attention for you.

To experience flights onboard is a dream. You feel as if you have stepped into a 5 star hotel with silk cushions and a full size bed awaiting you, complete with fitted cotton sheets, oversized pillows and duvet covers all soft and luxurious.

Each seat has a 15’’ screen with all entertainment options.

A Sky Chef will prepare any meal you wish whenever you want it and it can be served to you in 15 minutes.

The Sky Nanny is the added luxurious touch to the amazing service offered here.


Thai Airways
Hide away in their private airport lounge before you experience flights on Thai.

Once onboard have a glass of delicious Dom Perignon or Des Roys Vintage Champagne with caviar if you wish. Or perhaps you prefer Hennessy “Paradis” Cognac? It’s all your choice as they are here to serve you.

Otherwise you can choose from a selection of many French wines on their award winning wine list while you feast on six courses of the best Thai cuisine.

There are also many movies and other features you can choose from to entertain you.

All seats recline and your travel kit will help you relax and unwind.

On some flights privacy screens are available if you want to hide away from the rest of the world. What wonderful luxury.


Cathay Pacific

Use Cathay’s notiFLY flight paging service which sends you information about your flight to your phone or via email. The Wing and The Pier are Cathay’s lounges at Hong Kong International Airport which needs to be seen to be believed. They are sublime, just truly amazing.

Checking in is never a problem as it is wonderfully smooth and easy. The seats are wonderfully large and so spacious. The amenities kit contains high end grooming products. There is also lovely sleepwear for slumber time.

For privacy there is a large seat divider you can put up in between seats and a privacy screen you can activate to the side of your chair for total solitude. Each seat has a power and data port to plug in your computer if you choose to work or play.

There is a large table which has more than enough space for you to dine and work at the same time which is great. Plus there is a lot of storage space for all your files, documents etc.

The TV screen is 10’’ wide with all the necessities. Recently they became one of the first airlines to put rice cookers, toasters and skillets on board, enabling them to prepare freshly cooked rice, toast and eggs.

First Class passengers can now go à la carte and choose their own meals and dine anytime they wish. They are also very considerate with the wines they have available.
They take into account that due to the climate inside the cabin, they have found that the best wines in the air are often those that are more robust in flavour.

Because of this they carry a range of 40 quality wines on board – from rare wines produced in Australia, France and Italy and of course only offering you the top drops. This is truly 5 star. What a wonderful experience flights on board this airline are. No wonder they receive so many awards each year.

Food facts:
In 2002 food consumption amounted to a total of 98 tonnes of eggs, 302 tonnes of chicken, 238 tonnes of fish, 91 tonnes of beef, 92 tonnes of tomatoes, and 30 tonnes of lettuce. They served over a million bottles of wines, used up almost 68 tonnes of coffee, and 22 tonnes of tea bags!

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