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All Nippon Airways
The lounges at Narita airport are exquisite. They have sumptuous leather seats, and service that is beyond 5 star.

Once onboard you will find your seat is shaped like a little cabin so that you are in a world of your own with the seat being 84 cm’s wide which opens flat out. Once in a bed position get comfortable in satiny sheets a lovely down filled duvet encased in silk and a fat, fluffy down filled pillow. (Pictured above). The most luxurious in bedtime slumber.

On the 15’ inch TV you can watch whatever you like whenever you like and with great sound while wearing your noise reducing headphones. A private phone in your seat allows you to make calls while you check the world news on CNN by plugging in your computer to the universal power port near your phone.

A flexible reading light allows you to read without disturbing anyone. A tiny little cocktail table allows you to drink your favourite spirits while relaxing or working on the flight.

A lovely foot rest under your TV screen gives you maximum comfort to stretch out and under that is room for you to store bags or papers, which is very clever. Even the shape of the dining table has been taken into consideration. It is wood grained and designed to the angle of the plane during flight.

Of all the airlines ANA consider their meals haute cuisine and so they should as they contain the finest ingredients to make the finest meals. You can choose from Western, Japanese which is pictured above right and Kaishoku which are light meals.

The Western meals include fresh Ossetra caviar from Iran and sashimi from their Japanese cuisine. From the Kaishoku dishes you can chose fresh uni (sea urchin roe) and ikura (marinated salmon roe), served over rice amongst many other dishes.


British Airways

Relax in the sumptuous comfort of the lounge before departure. If flying out from Heathrow take advantage of the complimentary spa treatments available.

Your seat which is called a demi-cabin is 6’6’ long which gives you plenty of room to relax in and is definitely your sanctuary in the sky giving you longed for privacy.

Beautiful duvet covers, linens and large fluffy pillows make your sleep time wonderfully comfortably and very cosy. If you want to keep working you have an in seat phone and sockets to attach all your gadgets.

Entertainment wise watch the latest hit movies, comedies or listen to the best music available at your own leisure.

Your meals are prepared for you and served to you when you want and enjoy with a selection from the worlds best wines.

If arriving at Heathrow in the morning have a shower and another complimentary spa treatment and finish with a lovely warm breakfast.

Air New Zealand
This airline doesn’t have a First Class section, they have Business Premier. In Business Premier your seat is a luxurious 22″ wide leather armchair with a separate ottoman footrest that can double as a seat for any visitors you may have.

The seat also converts to a very comfortable 6’7.5″ fully flat bed. Because of the unique design you can leave your seat in a reclined position for take-off and landing.

Due to the unique design you can also invite someone to your ‘seat’ to dine with, as you can see in the picture above, a unique feature from all airlines. You get direct dial access to everyone.

There are active noise cancellation headsets to ensure crystal clear sound while watching programs on a 10’’ screen. Lovely New Zealand cuisine is available on crockery and cutlery designed specifically for Air New Zealand.


Malaysia Airlines

The seats are large and very spacey and also recline into many seat positions. There is a lovely little amenities bag to freshen up with.

Your remote control doubles as a phone which you can use by paying with your credit card. You can also use it to call other passengers if you know their seat number which is a great feature. The 10’’ TV has a touch screen where you can watch up to 12 movies.

A smorgasbord of meals is served on delicate fine bone china. You can also indulge in Malaysia Airlines’ signature dish which are skewers of delicately spiced chicken, beef or lamb grilled on a charcoal fire and served with cucumber and onions together with a spicy peanut sauce, definitely a first in the skies.


Austrian Airlines

Flight speed is at 900km/h but you won’t notice it while you relax in your XXL seat which fully reclines with more than 1.5m between seats.

You also get a “comfort kit” with lots of goodies in it including socks, a small massage ball for your hands an aroma roll on and more.

Freshly prepared meals come from famous chefs from around the world from Indo-Chinese specialties to Japanese cuisine and current trendy Austrian meals.

You can also have a back massage while listening to any music of your choosing including the airlines own “7 Skies Meditation” music.

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