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First class airline travel is the only way to go. There are large luxurious seats known as suites, designer amenities and attentive staff who will bring you what you want when you want and are there to satisy your every whim.

Here you will find the best the top airlines have to offer in their first class airline travel.



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Singapore Airlines
For convenience you are able to check-in from home, on your mobile or the website. The Silver Kris Lounges offer sumptuous lounges and five star service .

Your seat is called a SkySuite which is made from the finest leather and there are only 12 per cabin. From your seat you can also keep in contact with family or work with wireless broadband connection or KrisFone.

KrisWorld is their award winning in-flight entertainment system which offers over 500 entertainment options with 60 movies including the latest blockbuster movies, more than 100 TV programs, 225 music CDs, 12 music channels and a huge selection of video games. It is the most available on any airline. The time will just fly by!

Their unique World Gourmet Cuisine has been created by a hand selected group of exceptional chefs that have designed exceptional dishes from all around the world. They also have a service called Book the Cook where you can select whatever meal you like in advance from their extensive menu so you always get the meal you want .

Their amenities bag comes custom designed with lots of goodies from Givenchy for you to freshen up with and arrive looking your best.

A special note: Singapore Airlines now has the most spacious seat in Business Class on their Boeing 777-3300ER. This is the biggest seat you will find on all airlines.


Airlines have the most amazing first class airline travel services and my favourite is Emirates. So get your airline ticket and off we go. From the luxurious leather seats, to the very private cabins, to the dreamy sky lit cabin roof, the delicious amenities, the wonderful food and the spectacular service, they have got it all. It is absolutely wonderful.


The most famous first class airline travel is on Emirates A340-500 plane. Firstly a complimentary chauffeur service will get you to and from selected airports. In the cabin there are 12 seats and 4 crew members. There is a full size bar so you can get up and interact with other passengers.

The seats are made of luxurious leather. The cabin is insulated so it is super quiet and head phones are made to cancel out noise. Your seat is a suite and what an amazing suite it is.

On your hand held control you can watch a movie, listen to music, order food whenever you want it, or call a crew member to assist you with any needs. You can also use it to close the famous double sliding doors on your own little cabin for total, absolute privacy or if you are in a centre seat put up the privacy screen.

If you want to sleep, by the time you slip into your complimentary pajamas and slippers your bed will be made for you. In your suite is also a mini-bar plus a vanity mirror with light. The digital screen is 19” making it the largest available on any airline.

Meals are designed by leading international chefs and fine wines are chosen by the UK Masters of Wine Guild .

The most famous feature are the stars and mood lighting system which they use to reflect the time of day it is at your destination so you can avoid jetlag from settings such as morning light, soft afternoon light, dusk and the beautiful dark night sky with twinkling stars and constellations which is absolutely wonderful .

In my opinion this is the best in first class airline travel for all airlines.


 Virgin Galactic
Who would have thought that having a chance to go to outer space would be so popular? There are 700,000 people on the waiting list including Sigourney Weaver, designer Philippe Starck, Dave Navarro and even Paris Hilton. Each flight costs US$200,000 with a minimum deposit of US$20,000 to secure your seat. You don’t go to the moon but you go to outer space.


Virgin Atlantic
This is true luxury. You have a BMW to pick you up at your door. Your seats are called suites. You can lie down or sit up as you wish.

If you wish to lie down just put on your complimentary pajamas while someone makes your bed for you. If you are feeling a bit tense there is an onboard masseuse to massage away you stresses and strains. If you’re feeling sociable there is a bar where you can go and meet people.

You are also able to message anyone in this section. So if someone has caught your eye, you can send them a quick message. Good luck in getting lucky! A few airlines have now copied this feature. I guess it must be working.



One of the biggest airlines in the industry certainly delivers the goods with their first class airline travel. Your baggage has priority tags on them to make sure they are among the first off the aircraft. The baggage allowance is twice that of economy.

The Qantas Club is a very famous club which is wonderfully decadent. All your needs are taken care of here. Onboard the B747-400 the seats are called FIRST Sleeper Seats where you can sleep lying flat out. All controls to move the seat, leg rest and lumbar positions are in the armrest.

Jump into your complimentary sleeper suit and snuggle under your soft duvet cover, large fluffy linen pillow and wonderfully warm soft lamb’s wool blanket and enjoy perfect slumber.

The 8” touchsceen is built into the armrest if you choose to watch a movie on one of 18 channels or play a game while snuggled under the covers. Or you can read with light glowing from the fibre optic reading light which is on a flexible stalk in your seat.

You can also send and receive text messages, make inflight telephone calls and perform seat to seat callsall from the comfort of your seat.

Meals are created by renowned Aussie chef Neil Perry of Sydney’s Rockpool Restaurant and choose from a range of top quality spirits, international beers and wines to complement your meal.

The amenities bags are deliciously filled with La Prairie products for women and ClarinsMen for men amongst many other goodies for you to freshen up in the newly redesigned and spacious bathrooms.


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