Foreign Luxury Cars


              Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren                                       Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

Mercedes Benz 

Mercs are the most popular foreign luxury cars amongst singers, movie stars and successful business people. They are beautiful, stylish, immaculate cars. They show signs of great taste, wealth and signal that you have arrived.

Owners of a Mercedes Benz are a who’s who of Hollywood these include; Courtney Cox with a CL500; US$94,700, Britney Spears has a SL600, US$150,000; Lyndsay Lohan with an L55 (This might be the one she crashed!) US$122,200; Tobey Maguire S500; US$85,000, Ben Affleck SL55 AMG; US$120,000, Jessica Simpson SL500; US$90,000.

Rapper Wyclef Jean has the ultimate Merc, which is a McLaren F1 with a price tag of US$1million.

Predominately favoured in Europe but gaining much ground in Australia these foreign luxury cars are very sleek and stylish and are eye catching on the roads especially the lovely 307 and 407 coupes.

If you want to show off your style and European flair then you will definitely want to be seen in these little trend setters.


When the 911 turbo was released in 1974 it became the quintessential sports car. It is quite possibly one of the most famous sports cars in history.

Jerry Seinfeld loves these foreign luxury cars and actually owns 47 of them. He keeps some of them in his high tech garage in Manhattan which can store 20 cars. The garage took 2 years to build and cost him US$1.4million.

Rolls Royce
The Rolls Royce 100EX Centenary Experimental Car is a car that will come completely hand made but will not be available in showrooms for a few years.

Since the Maybach returned with its exceptionally high standards everyone has been trying to get a slice of this utter-exclusive market.

As a gift for performing at her 50th birthday Oprah gave Stevie Wonder a US$400,000 Phantom. Wouldn’t we all love to be her friend.

Spyker C12 Zagato

This is one of the most exotic foreign luxury cars on the market. The Spyker is not a very well known car but it certainly does get your attention when you see it. It looks like the sort of car superheroes drive around on their days off! Lets hope most of them don’t know these beauties exist otherwise we will all be in trouble.

The C12 Zagato was unveiled at the 77th Geneva International Motor Show.

The world premiere of this ultra-exclusive version of the C12 range celebrates Spykers entry into the world of Formula One. The Dutch super car manufacturer acquired the Midland Formula 1 team and had Formula One race driver Adrian Sutil unveil it to raptuous applause.


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