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Whether you want to stay in a luxury hotel that is part of a luxury hotel chain or a luxury hotel of the world with luxury hotel rooms to die for then you have come to the right place.

In this section is an enormous amount of reference material for you to find a luxury hotel with incomparable service that is exclusive and suited perfectly to you. Why compromise when you can get exactly what you want. The selection is endless.

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The links above will take you to luxury hotels in these regions.

Luxury Travel Magazine
Luxury Travel Magazine is Australia’s premier travel magazine, and the only one devoted exclusively to Luxury Travel. So if you need some travel ideas or places to indulge yourself in you have come to the right place.


Andrew Harpers Hideaway Report
If you would like unbiased reporting on top hotels to stay in then this report is for you.
It is unbiased because Harpers identity has never been revealed in the 27 year history of publishing his report. It gives you information on the best luxury hotels, resorts and hideaways in the United States and around the world.


Start Planning your Holidays Here
The websites below have information on some of the most luxurious hotels, residences and islands in the world.

         The Leading Hotels of the World                     Small Luxury Hotels of the World

       The Leading Residences of the World                         The Charming Hotels

                   Relaix & Chateaux                                             Exclusive Resorts

                    Five Star Alliance                                             Island Hideaways

                      Luxury Travel                                                  Luxury Explorer

5ive Star London

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