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Hotel Balzac Paris

Hotel Balzac Royal Suite Paris


Hotel Balzac
Considered one of the finest boutique hotels in Paris which includes the Royal Suite that has a terrace with breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower and the beautiful city of Paris.  You can reserve the entire top floor and have use of both the luxurious Hotel Balzac Royal and Presidential suites. Together the combined suites offer 3 bedrooms, dining room and a large terrace, for an unforgettable experience.

The hotel is also home to the world-famous 3 Michelin Star awarded Pierre Gagnaire restaurant which has repeatedly been voted one of the best restaurants in the world.

Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris
This is a gorgeously, decadent hotel. Marie Antoinette would have been right at home here. It is like the most decadent chocolate cake you could ever eat. You feel guilty for indulging but you know you must, you just have to have it. Just one bite.

The lobby is magnificent. The rooms are opulent. The Versailles trompe l’oeil gardens near the pool are spectacular. The spa is stunning.  The three-Michelin star restaurant is dazzling and the view of the Eiffel Tower from your terrace is the cherry on the cake dipped in chocolate rolled in sugar and powdered. It is exquisite.

Hotel Puerta America
This is one of Spain’s most eclectic buildings. Each floor was designed by 19 world renowned architects who were given total freedom and limitless amounts of cash to create what they felt a luxury hotel should look like.

It is a combination of dreams, madness and sanity and the outcome is a spectacular mix of neon lights, velvet, linens, tiles and marble. It is totally crazy but something you must experience in your lifetime. Room rates can reach US$4000 a nite.


The Dorchester
This is considered to be the most lavish hotel in London. It is a hotspot for celebrities and paparazzi. The hotel will do anything to make you feel like royalty with three staff members allocated to each room. The Penthouse suite is the most lavish with carpets woven from real gold thread. A night in one of their superior suites can cost you US$22,000.

Sanderson London

The Sanderson London is a super sleek hotel for those who want to be seen. It is a true five star hotel with a very modern quirky design that has been described as ‘a lavish urban spa’, ‘one of the hippest hotels in the world’ and ‘a cool minimalist masterpiece’ which is high praise indeed.

It’s amazing what you can do to an old wallpaper factory when you are the highly decorated and world famous designer Philippe Starck. White hot hotelier Ian Shrager owns this gem and what a gem it is. There is only one penthouse suite which has a silver leaf sleigh bed and a private elevator.

Pop stars Pink and Christina Aguilera once had a very public argument over who would get the penthouse suite. Aguilera won and Pink stormed out. The price for one night is US$4000.

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