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Exclusive American Yacht Clubs
New York Yacht Club
The New York Yacht Club was formed on Tuesday, July 30, 1844 by John Cox Stevens and eight of his friends aboard his yacht Gimcrack.

Since then the club has enjoyed a long history of yacht races, events and friendship. Members have included Walter Cronkite, Ted Turner, Olympic medalists and America’s Cup skippers.


Boston Yacht Club
This club was founded in 1866 so that they could have a venue for yacht racing that would provide “that spirit of comradeship, of courtesy and chivalry, of sympathetic joy in a common sport”.

You will find many large sailing yachts as well as small ones. The club gives regularly to charity. They hosted the first World Disabled Sailing Championship ever in North America that attracted 20 handicapped teams from 19 different countries.

California Yacht Club
This club is located in beautiful Marina del Rey. Members enjoy club programs, events and first class facilities including two heated pools, a tennis court and dining services where many formal and informal social events are hosted.

They also have The Epicurian Society, Wine Appreciation Society, Women’s Association and a Radio Amateur Group.


This company has a massive shipyard which consists of over 160,000 square feet of climate controlled manufacturing space and a seven-acre marina.

This is where they build their luxury mega yachts custom made to your specifications and made to the highest quality possible.


Ferretti Yachts
If you want to gaze over some of the most amazing luxurious yachts on the sea then look no further then Ferretti and its drop dead gorgeous large sailing yachts and luxury mega yachts custom made.

Under the umbrella of Ferretti are some of the industries best boating companies including Pershing, Riva, Custom Line and CRN. It is a one stop shop for eye candy of the best kind, yachts!


Trinity Yachts
Trinity Yachts is one of the world’s most elite builders of luxury mega yachts custom made to your specifications. Their main goal is to build a truly custom made yacht with luxurious European quality that fulfills all of your unique cruising desires. They allow you to build any design in any size up to 400 feet (123 meters). That is one large sailing yacht.

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