Luxury Sports Cars


               Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano                                                  Jaguar XKR

Ferrari is renown for their luxury sports cars and The Fiorano pictured above, continues the tradition. It has caused quite a sensation since it was released and has been showered with many awards.

The Ferrari Enzo is another spectacular car which retails for US$670,000. You can only buy one if you are personally invited. A known owner is Rod Stewart. Soccer star David Beckham owns 4 Ferrari’s at an estimated value of over US$1 million.

Gibbs Sports
The Gibbs Aquada is a revolutionary vehicle unlike any other. It is the world’s first amphibious luxury sports cars. This car turns into a speedboat in under 20 seconds. Richard Branson crossed the English Channel in one of these babies in a record 40 minutes.

The Aquada has been shelved for the moment while they find an engine supplier and the vehicle and meets United States regulatory hurdles. In the meantime they have developed the Quadski, Humding and the Phibian. The last two are large vehicles for military and emergency first-responders.

The Hummer is a 3 tonne, 8 foot car/truck/tank multi purpose vehicle. It came into the spotlight during its use in, Operation: Desert Storm.

Arnold Schwarzenegger saw them there and did everything he could including seeking approval from the Pentagon to become the first civilian to own a model which he got in 1992 for US$117,000. He started the trend and now owns 9 of them worth just under US$1million.

Ashton Kutcher owns one of these bad boys which retails at US$115,000. These are bigger and badder than a Hummer will ever be with luxury car options including leather seats with alligator trim, DVD, satellite radio, drop down theatre screen and a 4000 watt stereo.

Sexy luxury sports cars are what Jaguar is known for. The sleek and seductive Jaguar XKR pictured above is proof of that. Angelina Jolie owns a Jaguar XJ Sport at a cost of US$61,500. A wild cat driving a wild cat!


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