Exclusive Mens Clothing Lines

Exclusive mens clothing lines are what you will find in this, one of the most expensive menswear stores in the world. They sell the Brioni lable who is the tailor for James Bond. The prices for their suits start at $3,500, shirts start at $750 and two Stefeno Ricci ties can cost over $1000. The least expensive item in this store is a pair of luxurious silk boxers at $125.

The company was established by Dr. Giuseppe Battaglia who is said to have brought classic Italian style to America. The store has been on Rodeo Drive for more than 40 years where Battaglia has been clothing the most famous names in Hollywood, from Fred Astaire to Donald Trump.

Milton Florsheim began producing shoes in a small factory located in Chicago, Illinois in 1892 with his father Sigmund.

The shoes were of an incredibly high standard. They were stylish, very comfortable and made with meticulous workmanship. This tradition is still kept today.

Ralph Lauren Purple Label
Mr. Lauren’s mens clothing lines are just like him – suave and sophisticated. He started his empire in 1967 by designing ties opposite to what was in fashion at the time. He named his line Polo, to reflect the world of elegance and style which he wanted to portray with his items.

His exquisite Purple Label collection is inspired by the Savile Row tailoring that is designed with modern elegance using luxurious fabrics. They are the ultimate in luxurious men’s clothing.

You can also go online and design your own collection. You can mix and match the colours you want and they will make it for you.

Robert Talbot
Talbot’s beautiful wife Audrey Talbot, who is the namesake for the womens wear line which is divinely luxurious started the business by hand sewing bow ties during the 1950’s, each an original and selling them to friends.

From neck wear they went to shirts, sportswear, accessories, formal wear and the womens wear line.

Talbot is now considered the finest shirt manufacturer in the United States with an impeccable reputation of high quality and exquisite class.  Shirts are now made-to-measure from the Madison Avenue boutique in New York.

Ted Fisher
With over 75 years in business you can trust Ted Fisher to make you the perfect custom fitted suit.  They will come to your home or office 24/7 to accommodate you. Suits start from US$1000 – US$7500.

They have image consultants, wardrobe planners and wardrobe analysis to help you get your look just right.

They will make anything from business suits, to casual and weekend wear. You will always have the perfect fit and look all year round with this service. You will be the president of your company before you know it!

Tom James
The Tom James Company is the world’s largest manufacturer and retailer of custom clothing. Their highly trained staff come directly to your home or office, saving you valuable time.

They plan, coordinate, and maintain your wardrobe so you are perfectly attired for any situation – business, casual, social, or formal. You can choose from more than 500 suit fabrics and over 250 shirt fabrics.

To contact them in Australia call – 1300 664 990.


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