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Great mens fashion tips are available here through many of the links listed below.

This section is for the man concerned with clothing that is in fashion, stylish and oh so very cool.

I feel that men are neglected in this area so have done my best to bring you everything you need at your fingertips in a few pages, you guys actually get six!

This page has a number of fashion resources so that you don’t have to go scouring all over the internet to find the best possible on mens fashion and more importantly mens issues.

Men always look best when they have that classic look. Eternal style. Not following fashion trends and disasters. This style is also know as “The Chap”. So listed here are all the designers that can help with this look. The four country links below are quick links which will take you to designers from those regions.


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Fashion Article
Men’s Fine Clothing Educate yourself in fashion. Here is an article I have written about a few of the best men’s distinguished fashion labels.

I hope you guys will enjoy going through this section as much as I did putting it together for you. I selected only the best for you.

There is a bit of everything here for you from skin care products in the grooming section to clothing and underwear and I even have a one stop shopping page on lingerie and  chocolates and flowers for those important moments.

Listed below is a selection of the world’s best websites on men’s fashion.
A men’s online magazine that gets 5 million readers a month. They have excellent mens fashion tips and advice on all things male.

The Chap
Their site describes them as a “… satirical magazine for modern gentlemen” and that they definitely are. If you have a love of the macho male lifestyle which includes pipes, tweed, ascots, badger-hair brushes, dry martinis and taxidermy interiors than you will feel at home here. Their links page is hilarious.

Esquire is a magazine that has been published for close to 70 years specifically for men which encompasses stories in all areas of life that are important in a man’s life especially fashion. In the past contributions have come from Earnest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

GQ or Gentleman’s Quarterly is a great site to go for all things to do with men’s fashion, men’s and the latest trends with excellent fashion tips.

The Satorialist
I am glad I found out about this site. It is a blog which is run by Scott Schuman. Scott roams the streets of New York with his trusty camera and photographs people he thinks has great style and comments about them. Note I said style, not fashion.


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