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Clyde Cessna started this small company back in 1927 and little did he know then that it would one day go on to become the world’s largest manufacturer of general airplanes and one of the best private jet companies around.

In 2005, Cessna delivered 1,157 aircraft with revenues of about $3.5 billion. Since it was started in 1927 it has produced 187,000 airplanes which have been delivered to nearly every country in the world. The Citation’s are also listed in the top three of best selling business jets of all time.

This plane has been voted the world’s best selling airplane four years running by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association.

One owner of this plane is Angelina Jolie who has her pilot’s license. Brad Pitt has also been seen flying it to earn his wings as well. The starting price is $199,000 for the basic model and $449,000 for the deluxe.

Marcel Bloch was the founder of Dassault but what is most fascinating about his story is why he changed his name.

The story goes that towards the last days of World War II when he was 53 years old,

Marcel changed his surname from Bloch to Dassault in apparent honour of his brother. Darius-Paul was a hero of the French resistance and his code name was “the tank” which in French translates to, char d’assault. And so was born the Dassault legacy.

To own the Eclipse 500 Jet can become a reality for more people who would love to have a plane of their own.

The cost is US$1.3million and it boasts the lowest operating cost per mile than any jet. It is also very fast with a whisper quiet Pratt and Whitney engine.

It has already attracted 2400 orders. Contact this private jet companies service centre to add your order to the list.

This is one of Brazil’s best private jet companies whose main business is in regional jets and military aircraft. They branched out into private jets in 2005 with the Legacy 600 being their first.

The company now has a few more models, these being the Phenom 100 with seating for 8 people, the Lineage 1000 which is a luxurious large jet that can be custom designed within and the Legacy Shuttle which can seat from 19 – 37 passengers.

The Phenom 300 is one of the models they manufacture designed for a great amount of use with low operating costs and a price tag of $6.6 million.

Gulfstream must be the most famous and most glamorous of all private jet companies with many celebrities and Forbes 500 companies favouring them.

It may be because they are the most luxurious and technologically advanced jets in the world which have also set many speed records. More than a quarter of Fortune 500 companies own one and there is even a Gulfstream IV-SP which is a hurricane tracker.

When you need to take care of business onboard, some models have broadband internet access and video and voice conferencing facilities.

This is one of the best private jet companies in Switzerland which was founded in 1939. They are also the world market leader in the manufacture of single-engine turboprop aircraft.

Their customer support is excellent and they also take care of all maintenance and any training that may be needed.


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