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Vue de Monde
With the attitude, “people have to eat, they want great food and I’ll learn the rest”,
Shannon Bennet started this restaurant which serves French haute cuisine. He invested AUS$160,000 and on his first day upon opening was already $6000 in overdraft but he didn’t let this get him down for by the end of the first year his restaurant made AUS$1million.

In 2006 he expects his earnings to be AUS$12million. The internet site allows you to book yourself in where you can also check to see if someone has cancelled which is great because the waiting list is 4 months.


This restaurant is neither new nor groundbreaking. The reason you need to go to Lynch’s is for the contacts you can make in the business world. Lynch’s is a meeting place for Australia’s movers and shakers. Millionaires and billionaires have sat in this charming velvet and brocade restaurant to eat wonderfully expensive meals and make million dollar deals. It is definitely a place you need to dine in once in your life just to say you have been there and to impress your friends with your worldly ways.


Through the floor to ceiling glass walls your spectacular view is of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House and at night the view is absolutely magical. Their celebrated wine list consists of over 500 wines. Matthew Moran is the head chef and co-owner who is highly respected worldwide.

The menu is innovative and contemporary Australian. In 2003 Moran was honoured by being invited to cook for the members of the James Beard Foundation and got a helping hand from one of my favourite no-nonsence American chefs and good friend Anthony Bourdain.


Doyles is a legendary establishment. It first opened in 1885 by the Doyle family and five generations later they have opened two restaurants with spectacular views of the sea where they serve the freshest and best seafood in the world.

Pop singer Justin Timberlake had the Circular Quay restaurant with its panoramic views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House closed so he could have a romantic dinner with Cameron Diaz. The cost was $US70,000.

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