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   Goya Restaurant at the Hotel Ritz, Madrid                                                    El Bulli


Prêt-à-Portea in The Caramel Room at The Berkley
Twice a year the pastry chef’s work with editors from Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar magazine to make cakes, slices, and biscuits that are tailor made to look like the seasons hottest fashions.

Currently you will find Jimmy Choo boots a delicious Alexander McQueen Stuart tartan chocolate cake and a divine Yves Saint Laurent frilly passion fruit meringue all served up to you on designer plates of course.

Tea is served from 2pm to 6pm daily and Moët is also available in chilled Baccarat flutes if that is more your style. Look out for Gisele or Naomi. The waiting list around this time is one month. The photo shows creations from the 2006 Autumn/Winter Collection which is a Valentino leopard chestnut crème handbag and Aquascutum yellow coat ginger biscuit, YUM!


The world’s most expensive teabag you ask?
Well that would be a hand crafted tea bag made by exclusive UK jeweller Boodles which is studded with diamonds that are over 700 karats. The string is hand crafted from white gold. There are 280 diamonds all up with 100 inside the teabag with the tea. So you are brewing diamonds as you brew your tea. The price tag you ask? Well that would be US$14,000 of course.

The Ivy
This is quite possibly the most famous and most glamorous restaurant in London. The name came from the line of a popular song from the 20’s, “We will cling together like the ivy”. Reviews for this restaurant have been outstanding with the menu consisting of Modern British-European cuisine. You are almost always guaranteed to be seated near a celebrity. As the Zagat Guide for 2006 said there are “more stars (here) than in heaven”.


This is a very trendy Japanese style restaurant and also the most popular of all the Nobu restaurants around the world. It has a Michelin star and was also voted London’s Most Popular Restaurant in the Zagat Survey.

David Beckham flew in the top chefs from this restaurant to his mansion in Madrid to cook an 11 course meal that cost US$480 per person for his wife Victoria Beckhams’ 32nd birthday. This restaurant is also co-owned by revered American actor Robert De Niro.

El Bulli
This restaurant was voted the Best Restaurant in the World and The Best Restaurant in Europe for 2006 by Restaurant Magazine. They get 1 million reservation requests a year with only 8000 people actually succeeding in getting a table.

The head chef and owner Ferran Adria is considered more of a “gastronomic innovator” who likes to experiment with food and thinks of his kitchen as more of a laboratory where he can invent new dishes.

Goya Restaurant at the Hotel Ritz, Madrid
Goya serves Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine in incredibly lavish yet elegant surroundings. David and Victoria Beckham once paid US$10,000 to reserve this restaurant so they could eat alone. Make your booking request HERE.

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