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“The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart – this you will build your life by; this you will become.”
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Bob Proctor
Bob Proctor is part of this self help resource center. He has been helping people change their lives for over 40 years . He is a master at showing you how to turn any idea you can think of into physical results.

If you want to make a major shift in your life he will definitely show you how with his coaching and wonderful audio materials. His daily quotes and weekly stories are invaluable. They are food for your soul. I susbcribe to his daily emails and have a lot of his material which I also highly recommend to you.
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Randy Gage
Randy made his fortune in an MLM. He then became a motivational speaker encouraging others to succeed in their lives but he is doing it from a spiritual/success/prosperity angle which is refreshing to see and which I really love because I love anything to do with spirituality and success .

Restless in retirement he has decided to get back into the MLM game to build up his fortune again. His books and audio products are fantastic, I have some of them and they have helped me immensley which is why he is part of this self help resource center.

The spirituality and wealth angle is a fairly new and fantastic one where he combines God with wealth in an exhilarating way. Success and happiness will never be far away once you have read Randy’s books or heard his audio programs. They are a must.

Napoleon Hill
Mr. Hill is a legend in the personal development field. He wrote the classic Think and Grow Rich, which has influenced many generations of successful people . Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford were a few people he called friends. He left his legacy in writing, teaching, and lecturing about self-motivation, success and achievement.


Joel Osteen
I love, love, love this man which make shim a certainty to be part of this self help resource center. They call him the smiling preacher and that he is. He went from a church that seats 8,000 and doing 4 sermons each Sunday to a stadium that now seats 16,000 and still doing 2 sermons each Sunday.

He is optimistic when most preaches are keen on being pessimistic. The sermons are started off with jokes and he uses himself and his family as examples of good and bad.

Check out his books and audio products, they come highly recommended. He is truly amazing, more than a ray of sunshine he is a sky full of light filled stars all day and all night that never go out.

Justin Herald
Justin had to borrow AUS$50 from a friend to start up his business and 6 years later sold it for AUS$16million to the Phillips Corporation. He now runs a motivational business where he travels the world speaking to over 150,000 people a year.

He also mentors and coaches people to success , such as me, with his no nonsense shoot ‘em from the hip straight shooter attitude. His weekly newsletter goes to over 7000 people a week of which I am one and yes once again I highly recommend you do too. It really is a must read.

Check out his books of which I have a few. His CD’s and DVD’s are also available on his website which is a great self help resource center.

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