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Adele Casagrande set up a leather and fur workshop in Rome in 1918. A few years later she married Edoardo Fendi and renamed her workshop Fendi. They had 5 daughters who later took over the business and expanded it to great success, gaining much recognition for their fur coats.

In 1962 Karl Lagerfeld was asked to design their fur garments which he has continued to do to this day. He was also the one who introduced their logo, the double F. They are currently co-owned by the giant conglomerate of LVMH.


Giorgio Armani
His fashion empire has now grown and is diversified into many areas, possibly the most for any designer. His empire includes women and men’s clothes, these being his couture lines. His inexpensive line is Emporio Armani with Armani Junior his kid’s line.

Armani also has accessories including, sunglasses, bags, perfumes, cosmetics, watches, and jewellery and has in recent years started his home line, Armani Casa which he uses to furnish his Armani Hotels, the first one is being built in Dubai.

Gucci has now become a very trendy label but it wasn’t always that way. Once the gorgeous Tom Ford put his magic touch on the label did it become a super sleek and very stylish label to wear and sing about which most R&B stars do today as they swan around in their Gucci hats and clothes in their videos. Ford left in 2004 but the head designers now are people trained by him.


A true legend in French luxury goods. This house started out by making saddles in Paris in 1880 under the name of Hermes–Freres. The company expanded its line with riding gloves, belts, and men and women’s sportswear and expanded further in the 1970’s with its first women’s shoe collection and men’s ready-to-wear collection.

When actress Jane Birkin was seen with her Hermes bag it started such a rage that they named the bag after her, The Birkin Bag, which now has a waiting list of 6 years. Another item they are famous for are their beautiful silk scarves.

Hermes also has a home line, bed and bath linens, furniture, silverware, crystal, porcelain, office accessories and baby items. In 2003 French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier joined the label as the women’s ready-to-wear designer. This is a true all round house.

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