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                      Martha Ann by Lurssen                                         Sunrise by OceAnco

Exlusive European Yacht Clubs
Yacht Club de Monaco 
A prestigious yacht club that was founded in 1953 by H.S.H. Prince Rainier III. The main aim of the club is to encourage the enjoyment of sailing for its members and the public.

They also teach sailing and organise large yachting events to encourage tourism to Monaco, which I don’t think would be such a hard thing to do since Monaco is such a glamorous place visit.


Royal Thames Yacht Club
This is the oldest sailing club in the UK. They organise many events for their members to participate in.

They also have accommodation in their clubhouse if you need to stay a few nights in London which also has a distinguished cellar, excellent restaurant, two bars and a reading room.

Many social events are planned so you might find it a problem leaving here with such wonderful hospitality.

Yachts Manufacturers – EUROPE
Benetti Yachts
Lorenzo Benetti founded this company in 1873 and to this day his family still works within the company though it is not totally owned by them.

These spectacular vessels have some of the most exquisite items in them including glass elevators, helicopter pads, lavish bedrooms and outdoor gymnasiums.

Make your dreams a reality. Wish upon the stars at Benetti and your dreams will come true.


This company is considered to be the top custom yacht builder in the world whose origins can be traced back to 1849.

With over 950 skilled workers all dedicated in building the world’s finest quality yachts they have set the highest standard for craftsmanship and design. These yachts are for the serious yacht connoisseurs.


Fraser Yachts
Specialising in the luxury yacht market offering yacht construction services at the highest standards with full brokerage, yacht management and chartering opportunities that allow you to enjoy the world’s most spectacular superyachts in dream destinations around the world.


ISA Yachts
Superyacht builders ISA Yachts designs and constructs the highest quality, tailor-made luxury yachts from the company shipyard in Ancona, Italy.


125 years ago Friedrich Lurssen started this company saying, “My firm shall be known as leader in both quality and performance” and his company certainly has achieved that.

Since their beginning in 1874 they have designed and built over 13,000 vessels that comply with the highest quality standards of systematic, precise manufacturing.

They have some of the most highly qualified engineers, craftsmen and specialists in the industry working with them. One of the amazing vessels thay have built is the amazing mega yacht Octopus owned by billionaire Paul Allen that cost US$200 million to build.


This is a company that has a family atmosphere about it and repeat customers are their main aim. Their goal is to make your dreams become a reality and to make you happy every time.

They have a community page on their website where they encourage owners of their luxury yachts to associate with each other by trading cruising schedules and plan get togethers at boats shows or wherever they might be anywhere in the world.

While you have your opulent dreams built into reality feel cosy warm knowing you are in the best of hands with this great yachts manufacturer.


Monaco is the home of this sumptuous custom yacht builder, and how appropriate indeed. These spectacular floating palaces own the seas as they float on by, exquisite as can be.

The company turns visions into reality and what a reality they are. Even more beautiful I am sure then they were imagined. One of the best yachts manufacturers in the world.

In the Netherlands is where the dreams come to reality as the world’s best architects, marine engineers and craftsman make dreams a reality.  (Above two images coutesy of BYM Gallery.)


Staring at you from the pages of the glossy magazines is where you will find these stunning yachts. They are spectacular to look at. Pristine white against the midnight blue colour of the water they laugh at you as they play in the sea.

Glamorous, like a Hollywood movie star they stand at a distance almost untouchable, but you know you want to touch and play! Can you handle it?  Do you dare? YES!!!


The first Swan was built in 1966 by Nautor’s founder Pekka Koskenkyla in the small Finnish town of Pietarsaari that has a strong shipping history.

Many of the people Pekka hired to build his boats in the early day were Laestadians,  members of a strict religious sect where drinking and smoking were not allowed. They proved to be excellent workers who established the Swan reputation for exceptional quality that continues today.

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